Valentine’s Day – How to care for your roses

Valentine’s Day – How to care for your roses

  1. Start with a clean vase and good quality warm water. One of the largest deterrents to fresh cut flower life is bacterial. Bacteria and fungi are everywhere and are ready to enter the cut surface of the stem and multiply. Be aware that Sodium –  Present in high concentrations in soft water, particularly if softened using salt, is toxic to roses and carnations.
  2. Use the flower food provided. Fresh flower food has been developed to simulate the flower’s original environment, and allow the flower to fully develop (open). Follow the directions on the package and always use the recommended amount. Don’t take short cuts or “play it on the safe side” by using too much flower food, either way can be just as harmful.
  3. Cut stems and remove foliage. Re-cut the stems at an angle removing at least on inch of the stem. The slanted cut opens more stem area for hydration and prevents the end of the stem from resting directly on the bottom of the vase impeding water flow.
  4. Remove leaves that will be below the water line in the container. Leaves sitting in water will deteriorate and rot. Decaying leaves make a good medium for bacteria and fungi to produce, which will plug the vascular system in the stem preventing hydration and eventually causing decay.
  5. Last but not least check the water level daily and replenish as needed. If the water becomes cloudy, it should be completely replaced for fresh water and flower food.

NOTE For roses, this process can be performed on Day 1 (when you first purchase product), on Day 3, and again on Day 5, doing so will help you obtain maximum vase life.

Now, enjoy your flowers!


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