It must be spring…Daffodils have arrived

It must be spring…Daffodils have arrived

Daffodils are available December through to April on average depending on the type of season we have. They come in a variety of colours and shapes. Colours include Yellow, White, Peach, White with Orange centres; Doubles and Single petals.

Tips for care:

  • Daffodils are ethylene-sensitive
  • Daffodils release sap that can shorten the life of other flowers
  • If you want to put them with other flowers you need to clip the stems to the length you’d like, set the  flowers in a vase and leave them alone for at least 6 hours in water.
  • After 6 hours the stem should no longer secrete the sap and the flowers can be placed in your arrangement with other flowers.
  • Do not re-cut the stems when placing in arrangement or the sap will start oozing again.
  • Daffodils prefer to be placed in shallow water
  • The sap can cause skin irratation for some people. So washing hands with soap after working with Daffodils is highly recommended.


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