Mothers Day Favourite  – Lisianthus

The native habitat of the lisianthus is on the prairies of North America, where it is known as the prairie gentian or the Texas bluebell. The wild flower eustoma is no longer as common a sight as it once was, having been picked to such an extent that it has been able to re-seed.

The lisianthus we know as a cut flower today is the result of the extensive breeding programmes undertaken by Japanese growers since the 1930s. Some sources say that lisianthus signify dignity, appreciation, gratitude and charisma, which is altogether more becoming.

Lisianthus are one of the easiest flowers to look after. Simply ensure all leaves are removed from below the water level, put the stems in water with diluted flower food and allow them to open in a warm room. They should last a good 7-14 days if kept topped up with water.