House plants for beginners

House Plants are fast becoming essential home styling accessories. If you pick right and follow some basic rules they can be easily maintained with no casualties! Not only do they bring a design element into your home, they bring nature, serenity and even oxygen! See (TOP 5 HOUSEPLANTS TO PURIFY AIR). Below we’ll list our top 5 low maintenance go to plants for a stylish home. 

Swiss Cheese Plant – Monstera Deliciosa

One of the most versatile plants, they thrive in all conditions. They can be placed in full or low light areas, need watering once a week and occasionally their leaves need a wipe down to remove collected dust. If you forget to water them, don’t panic! Their leaves will look slightly wilted, that’s just them letting you know they’re thirsty. Give them a good drink and an hour or 2 later they’ve perked right up! Monstera grow pretty quickly, especially if placed in a well lit area! New leaves pop up fairly frequently and you can watch them unfurl, it’s super satisfying especially for newbie planters! 

Snake Plant/Mother in Law’s tongue – Sanseveiria

If you’re a previous serial plant killer, Snake plant is the one for you! These structural beauties are super hardy and super low maintenance. They are part of the succulent family so are best suited to warm, bright conditions although can survive in a lower light. Only need watering once every 10 days – 14 days as they thrive in dry conditions. Honestly, they’re basically indestructible! A great first plant purchase for the wary!

Devil’s Ivy – Pothos/Epipremnum 

As hinted in the name this is a great trailing plant, perfect for shelves or even macramé hanging planters. They thrive in bright conditions (not direct sunlight) but can survive in low light. Pothos need watering around once a week and like a moist but not soggy soil. They are super hardy and fast growers! You may even find you need to give him a little trim from time to time. You can even propagate these cuttings by placing in a glass of water and waiting for roots to sprout, once this happens pot in some soil and hey presto! Granted this may be slightly advanced for beginners but give it a shot. 

Rubber Plant – Ficus Elastica

These dark green, glossy leaved plants are best suited to warm and light environments. They’re not super thirsty and only need watering around once every 7-10 days. Make sure you dry out the soil in between waters, they do not like wet soil. Apart from this they are super hardy and grow at a moderate rate, can grown up to 8ft!  Their vibrant, glossy leaves bring a real pop of colour to any room. Highly recommend. 

Dumb Cane – Dieffenbachia

A real struggle to pronounce but a real beauty to behold. Dieffenbachia has long, vibrant variegated leaves which bring a tropical look to any indoor space. They don’t require too much light (medium – low), need around a cup of water a week but make sure to not over water. Never let the plant sit in water and always do the ‘press test’ before watering. Press the top of the soil, if it feels moist no watering is required. If it’s dry, that’s a green light to water. Generally this is a good rule to remember for all house plants! 

Now you have some basic plant knowledge, keep your eyes peeled for these 5 green friends in our plant shop that will ease you into you new favourite hobby/obsession. Believe us when we tell you, plants are addictive! You start off with one and end up with 35, happy house planting.