Air plants in the home

Air plants in the home

Low maintenance and needing little space to thrive, air plants are perfect for those short on space and low on time. Tipped as one of of the hot trends for 2018. Bellow are some health benefits of these airborne plants and to my top tips to help your air plants thrive.

Air plants are epiphytes which means they grow without soil and absorb nutrients through their leaves unlike other plants that get nutrients through their roots. All the nutrients that air plants need are captured from the air and water so they make perfect house plants. If taken care of properly, air plants will live on for years.

Air plants improve the quality of air as they reduce carbon dioxide during photosynthesis and remove chemical pollutants while adding oxygen back to help you breathe better.

  1. Air plants need bright, indirect light to thrive.
  2. The hotter or dryer the air, the more your air plants will need watering. Once a week mist your plants thoroughly, so that the entire surface is moistened. You can also soak your air plants in a basin of water of tap water or, even better, a bowl of room temperature rain water. After soaking, place on a paper towel to dry. Air plants will quickly rot if they are allowed to stand in excess water.
  3. A sunny bathroom makes a happy home for an air plant because the humidity from your shower will take care of most plant misting for you.


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